Goddesses Lair     

You are perfect, beautiful, powerful beyond measure, and we are ONE. Namaste

Welcome to Goddesses Lair and Lions Den Youth Group

This group is to facilitate in leading our youth in remembering your mastery of magic, your power and your absolute awesomeness by way of sacred connection and love we all need and deserve.

Our current general society does not easily prove to todays' youth how genuinely amazing you all are as your true authentic selves. This is to give you permission and encouragement to stand up, stand out and shine. To learn and keep you on a path of loving who you are. We don't want you to forget your strengths, uniqueness and power because you are important to us all. 

This is a very recent addition to our tribe so please bear with us as we get this youth group going. Once we have more information and dates to get young like minded people together, we shall post them there as well as in the calendar. In the meantime, we also have just started a Facebook group so please bear with us as we get that set up as well but you can check it out at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/360176724782106/

So stay tuned for more information soon.

Youth Group

Raylene Loyie


Raylene is the co-founder of and Elder of Goddesses Lair and Lions Den and has volunteered to lead the youth group and help lead the youth to find their own true authentic selves through love, honor and integrity.  

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