Goddesses Lair     

You are perfect, beautiful, powerful beyond measure, and we are ONE. Namaste

We are a volunteer group of Spiritual Stewards, connected in vision, service & integrity.

Our council is a tribe brought together by Spirit/Source/Divine inner guidance. We are impassioned about serving each other in our spiritual and conscious evolution. We commit to serve our fellow man/woman in attaining sovereignty, free will, unconditional love, creativity, integrity, and connection with all beings and universal laws. With our diverse gifts, knowledge, and experiences, we take responsibility to master our limited human selves and illusions. We use all of our gifts, and tools to serve and lead those who are also seeking their own truths and authentic infinite power. We choose to be the change and make it exponential.

The men of Goddesses Lair who became Lions Den

When we first started the lair, it appears that some of the male partners/family members of the female board members, happened to have some great ideas for the lair and had ideas for the retreats.  

The female board members voted these few men onto the board and has been going fantastically well since. These men are all very spiritual and/or have a healing modality themselves. These men have been giving us some great male energy (as well as some muscle..haha) that the lair needed. 

If you happen to see one or more of our male members at a meeting or a retreat, I know they all would love (and deserve) some thank you's. (and maybe a hug or two..haha)

 and so was formed 

The Lions Den ......

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