Goddesses Lair     

You are perfect, beautiful, powerful beyond measure, and we are ONE. Namaste


To qualify, a person must:

Be 100% Committed to:

  • Playing full out, participating in every facet of an event.
  • Being in complete service before, during, and after the event.
  • Following our principles
  • Paying it forward.
  • Make a deposit - of time, money, or service before the event.

In honoring the women and men/facilitators who are paying their own way to share their amazing gifts, wisdom, love & service with all of us, make sure you have exhausted all other means of covering your cost before you apply for a scholarship.  Miracles happen when you set your heart to something!

Providing opportunities to men and women are important to us!  As a group, we have commited to set aside a percentage of all money coming in to cover costs for scholarships.  Scholarship positions are not guaranteed at any event since we are also commited to keeping costs down for everyone, but we're great budgeters, and have some amazing gifts come our way too!

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