Goddesses Lair     

You are perfect, beautiful, powerful beyond measure, and we are ONE. Namaste

Goddesses Lair 

Lorene Lund McRobb

Founder/Elder/Council Member
Director/ Facilitator

Born with psychic abilities and learning disabilities that provided a ton of life lessons, Lorene developed an absolute passion for learning, growing, healing and being able to serve others with those lessons. Her background is in business, finance, events, leadership and training but when her son showed the same psychic abilities, she threw herself into taking everything possible to understand and mentor these gifts. Over the last 25 years, she has become a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Minister,and a  Color & Sound Therapist. She also is an energetic practitioner in Yuen, Quantum, Kiniestietics, Matrix & Millenium and has studied countless holistic healing methods. 

In 2010, she founded the Goddesses Lair group of holistic and spiritual teachers that promotes healing, growth, mentorship, leadership, and Shamanic training & development programs. She believes to the very core, that you are truly beautiful, perfect, powerful beyond measure and we are one. If you don't believe it, she will prove it. With her passion, knowledge, empathic connection and leadership abilities, your spirit and humor of your amazing humanness. 

Courses and workshops she has designed or facilitated range from corporate sales & leadership, how money works, the freedom movement, to shamanic journeying.


Raylene Loyie

Co-founder/Elder/Council Member
Facilitator/Video Editor

Raylene is a Lioness Goddess. She is a diverse as she is creative. As a mother of 5 and grandmother, she is a protective, loving, accepting of all creatures and yet has a touch of wildcat and loves the bizarre!

She is a video editor who's passion is to touch people, their imaginations, their hearts and their minds. Raylene has been through the muck and mud of life and come out the other side gleaming, beautiful, expressive, accepting, loving, and with a sparkle that makes you wonder what mischief she's up to. 

Raylene was at a place in her life where she was going in the wrong direction and universe decided to help her along by downloading a new modality called Mind Movement, which has served her very well and she has helped many people along the way. She was also mentored by a very dear friend to learn how to do her own version of the 5 Rhythms dancing.

Denise Dueck

Elder/Council Member/Facilitator

Denise is a Goddess of Holding Sacred Space. She can always be counted on to be there. Whether its for a talk, healing, hugs, or holding the energy in a room.

Denise is a Level 3 EFT Tapping Practitioner. She is also an energy healer in Yuen Method, Millennium Method, & Chakra therapy modalities as well as likes to dabble in Tarot/Oracle cards. 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/TappingWithDenise/

Website: https://tappingintowellnes.wixsite.com/denise

Deanna Jacobson

Elder/Council Member/Facilitator

Deanna is a Goddess of Beauty. She always seems to find beauty in all people (inside and out).  She's always there with a listening ear and maybe a kick in the rear if needed (figuratively of course). 

When she's not busy being a mom (whether to her 2 adult children or her English Mastiff Molly) she is a very busy real estate agent.

Rita Jensen

Council Member/Facilitator

Rita is a Goddess of Arts. She's creative, open, accepting, and has a hellova good sense of humor. 

When she's not involved in theatre, she finds time to teach dance and fitness. Always positive and quirky, she is loved dearly in the Goddesses Lair! 

Christine Chugg

Council Member/Facilitator/Treasurer

Christine is a Goddess of Strength. She is an open brave soul. She jumps in to help in any situation and always "shows up".

She makes sure that our non-profit organization is kept afloat financially and helps make decisions with the team. 

Sandra Kunz

Council Member/Facilitator

Sanda does readings with her oracle deck The Messenger Cards, and within these readings, she facilitates the alchemical healing of life patterns through a process of healing the emotional body, the realization of limiting core beliefs, and connecting with the essence of who we truly are. She facilitates self awareness through the power of Grace.

Shilo Hazard

Council Member/Facilitator

Dallas Palmer

Council Member/Facilitator

Dallas is a Goddess of Inspiration and Relationships. She's brave and strong enough to tell you the truth, wise enough to guide you through it, and loving enough to help you through it. Always positive, insightful, and fun, she's an amazing support & a blast to party with. She's passionate about her husband Ray, her beautiful daughters and grandchildren, family and friends. She enjoys working on personal development & natural healing and is comfortable in an office as she is in the bush.

A diversely talented woman, she's worked in policing service, sales, financial services, farming and sings like an angel.

Dallas is currently enhancing her Life Coach skills and working on a book that she is passionate about. Sacred Geometry and moving energy are currently on her reading list. 

Theresa Fuller

Council Member/Facilitator

Christine Eyre

Council Member/Facilitator

Cathy Hughes

Council Member/Facilitator

Zoe Roberts

Council Member

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