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Do conspiracy theorists make you mad?

Posted by Lorene on April 19, 2015 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Do conspiracy theorists make you mad?!

Do sociopathic, psychopathic people exist that have done things for power, control and money that are absolutely horrible? Probably,,,,,,,, and probably much worse stuff than most of us can imagine.

Just because you go lalalalalala doesn’t always mean it doesn’t exist. If you react to it,,,,, you will attract it. If you can trust yourself, your heart, your reactions and your vibration is high then yep, it doesn’t need to exist for you.

“That couldn’t happen, they wouldn’t do that, there’s nothing I can do about it” I hear that a lot

Fear, powerlessness, anger, vulnerability, guilt etc, are all reactions coming FROM you, they aren’t anything put upon you.

Last week I had a conversation with my Mom, who is an adamant lalala’er. Actually, she’s a fighter. She will fight tooth and nail to defend her beliefs against anything that makes her feel uncomfortable.

When I was very young, my Mom had a conversation with me about sexual predators. She had never been molested but had experiences close to her so she was aware, and vigilant, but not afraid. She explained to me that there were people out there who were sick, and very clearly explained what sexual abuse was. She instilled that I had a right to say no, that no one should ever touch me like that, and what exactly to do if it ever happened. Well it did happen. An old man in the neighborhood invited a bunch of us kids into his place. He was an awesome manipulator, and had been molesting children forever I’m sure. Because of the awareness my mom instilled in me, I knew instantly that it was wrong, and had no fear to take action. The only thing that confused me is that none of the other children seemed to think anything was wrong. I immediately grabbed my little friend, got out of there and went to tell my mom who took action. I was the ONLY child out of 6 that knew, and how many children had this man molested in his life? WTF???? Many parents believe protecting their children is about preventing them from knowing ‘bad’ things exist but in reality doesn’t that leave them open to be victimized?

I’ve been down many rabbit holes, and lots of them devastated me in the short term. Our systems are corrupt, and lots of heinous things happen for the want of money, control, and greed. They aren’t theories, most are documented facts and events. So why do people fight against hearing that our health care, governments, money systems, and justice systems are corrupt?

- Not wanting to take responsibility – I used to believe I was a victim, that life was unfair. I felt betrayed, helpless, hopeless, misunderstood. I was sick, in pain, fear, and danger. I felt like the medical system, the justice system, the social system all let me down. I now realize I was totally irresponsible. I wanted everyone else to take care of me, to fix me, to validate me, and I was unwilling to do my own work. I was an immature child and needed to grow up. It’s not easy, but the more responsibility I take the more empowered I become. And guess what, I don’t need those systems anymore.


- Reacting from our own wounds – I used to be a ‘fixer’ wanted to gloss everything over. I felt so uncomfortable facing my own crap I run around trying to fix or judge everyone elses.

- Feeling helpless, powerless, undeserving, guilty etc – I felt all that, it felt like absolute desolation black hole nastiness. It’s all useless, and a complete lie. Guilt, shame fear, all those emotions are of the lowest vibrations, you can’t even make good decisions or actions while feeling them. Have you tried it? Does guilt serve anyone or anything or make any kind of retribution or amends on its own? Yes the feelings feel real, but our justifications for holding onto them are insane. I have fought with deserving issues my whole life, I still do, but it clashes with my belief system so badly I have to overcome it. If I am an energetic spiritual being, part of god, universe, source, or created by such, then isn’t it the ultimate of arrogance and twisted ego to think I don’t deserve or that I’m anything other than perfect in my creation?


- Not knowing a different way – There is a different way, the way of god/source/universe/nature. You know that place inside you were you just KNOW? You are not alone, that was part of your conditioning. For as many horrible things and people that you see that feels out of control, there are just as many amazing creative people that you just haven’t connected with yet. Follow your heart and it will lead you to the most amazing and miraculous synchronicities and answers that you could not even fathom.


- Programming – It’s really, really tough when you start to realize that maybe everything you were taught as a child is a lie. I used to get so anxious with confrontation of any kind. My stomach and throat would knot up, I’d feel nauseous, out of my body, and literally COULDN’T react to conflict. Our brains are conditioned to protect us, and they can get really messed up with autoresponders that don’t serve us, they served the people wanting to control us. Growing up I was highly intuitive, highly ethical and compassionate. I had ‘learning disabilities’ and often felt shamed, belittled, and was even punished when I spoke up or didn’t fit in. It takes work to overcome those reactions, but if you don’t do the work then how do you ever have the control, freedom and authentic power over your own life?


- Cognitive dissidence / addictive response - When something is outside of our scope of knowledge or your brain doesn’t think it pertains to you it just deletes it or it doesn’t exist to you. When a persons beliefs are challenged they get an actual chemical addict response in the brain! The pain center fires up, the logic shuts down, creativity portion fires up, and when the mind creates a good enough story to justify the belief or shut down the challenge the brain sends out a huge hit of pleasure chemicals. We’re literally crack addicts to our beliefs.

I believe we created this mess, all of it, and everything happening in the world is a mirror of what is happening in the hearts and minds of us who create it. It only has to get as bad as it needs to get in order for us to do something. To transmute, change, grow, love. So, with everything we create to serve us, to help us learn, can ignoring it ever make it go away? Or does it just have to amp up until we take action. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve realized I’m generally lazy when it comes to change, if nothing hurts, I am not motivated to do anything.

Can you imagine what Jewish people were thinking and feeling as Hitlers army was rounding them up? Do you think there had been murmurings of “they want to put us in concentration camps, and kill millions of us in huge ovens” How crazy would that have sounded? Some might have heard it, not reacted in fear and helplessness, and thought hmmmm well probably not but feels like shit’s going down and we should get out of here. Yes, some escaped before shit went down. How many Jews stood up in the very beginning when they outnumbered the German soldiers, who were also their neighbors/friends/humans? If even one out of 1000 Jews had stood up, said this is not right, what are you intending, we are brothers, my brother how can you hold a gun to me? My neighbors how can you feel so powerless? I love you! We are meant to be free! To be community! To love and care for each other!

How history could change,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I’m a huge conflict avoider, I’m unaggressive, empathic, and loving, but that doesn’t mean what I thought it did. If you love people, if you love yourself, you won’t allow damaging behavior. Avoiding/allowing/ignoring/taking on/placating harmful behavior is not love! I love my children so much I expect the best from them and would not hesitate to take swift action if they are in danger or causing harm right?


Maybe, just maybe before we react to something uncomfortable with defensiveness, judgement, anger, or accusations we should check into our own discomfort? Why am I reacting to this? How do I feel, is it coming from fear? What can I learn from this? Is there something to heal? Is there a way I can transmute this to love/service? Wouldn’t the darkness in those situations in fact be coming from within and not from the information at all? What if we all quit resisting things that made us uncomfortable, and allowed all info to come in and be looked at in a logical rational way from a healed, mature, loving and responsible way? Omg it might be anarchy!?

If you got to the end of this article, and are righteously indignant and armed with defences to what I’ve just said well then woohoo! You’ve been brave, and apparently there was something in this you wanted to learn/heal/shift. Amazing job, I love you, I’m proud of you, and you truly are beautiful, perfect, and powerful beyond measure! Ohhhhhhh how disturbing is that <3


Someone pulled the rug out, musta needed vacuuming!

Posted by Lorene on May 26, 2013 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (3)


Sooner or later, we all have the rug pulled out from us. Typically I react with a kind of shock, and my mind goes into hyperdrive trying to figure out what happened. It talks in terms of right, wrong, injustice & justification, and often is fueled by fear & anger. Especially if it’s someone I love and rely on deeply. Of course it usually is! Who else could catch you so unaware on the rug anyway.

Then I go into whyyyyyyyyyyy, oh why did this happen to meeeeeee. Its so not fair, and go into all the things I don’t want or didn’t want to have happen. Slowly, with lots of breathing and the realization I created it & it’s somehow serving me, I start to turn the corner. So what in me reacted to this? What’s there that needs healed? Allowing things to come up and be able to look at them objectively. In between bouts of tantrums, anger & tears of course.

Ahhh, then to the lightbulb moment of hey, what DO I want then? What DO I deserve. Well, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to be secure, safe, respected, cared for. There is a huge shift in that as the list grows, and another opportunity to see what comes up that might need to be healed or the thought pattern changed. In going over the list, reading it aloud, strength & clarity start to emerge. Again it’s sometimes between outbursts, but let it go!

The magic for me? When I realize I AM those things. I am love, security, truth, integrity, abundance, etc. Anything other than those things, I created, or chose to allow in my life. Pondering time again! But this time its way more fun. Does all the grief instantly disappear? Sometimes, most times not, but when you realize who and what you are, there is so much peace & strength in that. It then becomes a choice, a lesson, a blessing, and an opportunity. I am free to create my world in a different way. Woohoo! Where’s my crayons!

I Am A Goddess

Posted by Denise Dueck on February 9, 2013 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (1)

I found this exerpt this morning and thought of all the beautiful Goddesses that we have here.


A Goddess is a Woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a Woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her Light. She is a Woman who is able to fall in Love with the magnificent possibilities within her. She is a Woman who knows of the Magic and mysterious places inside her, the Sacred places that can nurture her Soul and make her whole. She is a woman who radiates Light.

She is magnetic. She walks into a room and male and female alike feel her presence. She has power and softness at the same time. She has powerful sexual energy that’s not dependent on physical looks. She has a body that she adores and it shows by the way she comfortably lives and moves in it. She cherishes Beauty, Light and Love. She is a Mother to all children. She flows with life in effortless Grace. She can Heal with a look or a touch of the hand. She is fiercely Sensual and fearlessly erotic and engages in sex as her way to share with another in touching the divine. She is compassion and wisdom. She is seeker of Truth and cares deeply about something bigger than herself. She is a woman who knows that her purpose in life is to reach Higher and rule with Love.

She is Woman in Love with Love. She knows that Joy is her destiny and by embracing it and sharing it with others, wounds are Healed. She is a woman who has come to know that her partner is as tender, lost, and frightened as she has been at times. She has come to understand the scars of the boy in him and knows that together, Love can be the relief, the Healing of their wounds. She is a woman who can accept herself as she is. She can accept another as they are. She is able to forgive her mistakes and not feel threatened by another’s even when attacked. She is a Woman who can ask for help when she needs it or give help when asked. She respects boundaries, hers and another’s. She can see God in another’s eyes. She can see God in her own. She can see God in every life situation. She is a Woman who takes responsibility for everything she Creates in her life. She is a Woman who is totally supportive and Giving.

~She is a Goddess ~

~ Rafael Espitia Perea

The Scales Are Tipping

Posted by Christina on March 28, 2012 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (2)

It is not difficult to see that there is serious imbalance in our world. We are destroyong mother nature, expoiting every resource to its fatal excess. We are destroying our ecosytems and bio-diversity by mass industrialization. We allow our governments to weild unreasonable authority against us, and let big corporations exploit the poor for labour while the rest of us consume at a sickening rate. Sounds like a count down to self-destruct, doesn't it?

There is an answer and it is stirring in the hearts and minds of many, both male and female. People are experiencing the need to know the truth, and are starting to realize that personal responsibility is a key to change. Our moral compasses are coming back in line and integrity, honesty and honoring the rights of others is becoming a collective demand. The heart is opening once more and love is beginning to flood the earth once more.

The media would have us believe this is not the case, and relentlessly tries to distract you with mindless entertainment and seeks to drive fear into our minds to keep our hearts impaired. But there is evidence of our greatness showing up accross the globe as we band together, just look at the examples on the internet. People are speaking out, disclosing information, and blowing the whistle on corruption daily.

Women are vital to this great tidal wave of change. Our nuturing, gentle, loving, intuitive qualities are needed to help balance our failing male dominated society. There must be harmony in all things or the thing in imbalance will destroy itself, it is natures way. However, destruction makes way for the possibility of new growth and it is time for us to transition out of our destructive ways, wether they be personal or as a collective species, and learn to be in balance once more. We can restore the balance together and getting into our hearts is going to be the key. 

I want you to look at the Goddesses Faire picture on the top left. Right now our species is accurately depicted in her outstreatched hands. We are imbalnced as men and women at the present, but magic is happening, and soon the scales will be righted.

I encourage any woman who wants a better life now for themselves, and for the world to join us at our Goddess Heart Retreat and re-discover who you are and how to be at peace inside and with the chaos on the outside. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world!


A Time for Action, A Time for Courage

Posted by Christina on March 28, 2012 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been on a journey of truth for the past four years now, and must say I have gone down some pretty deep rabbit holes both personally and as a being in this institution we call society.

I have discovered that I knew even less than I thought, that I am smarter than I think, that I have been ignorant of what really goes on in the world and the role I play in that, and that I really am powerful beyond imagination! Now before this sounds like an egotistical rant, let me explain...

Does the saying 'It's the ugly truth,' sound familiar? Well this is what I learned first: That practically everything I have ever done in my life has been carefully set up for my compliance and dutiful contribution. Now, I've never been that great at compliance, but I had no idea how hard institutions like education, religion, law, politics, etc. go to get it from us. I discovered that if you want to know the truth you have to ask questions that others don't want to hear (especially in religion) or entertain because it conflicts with their very carefully engrained belief systems. I learned we do not live in a truly democratic country, nor do we have benevolent leaders with our best interests at heart directing our country (which is really a corporation by the way). Enough said about that! If you want to know what I mean, follow the money.

Next I discovered that I needed other people to help me along in my journey, not as a crutch, but people who would be there to gently pull my head out of my ass when needed.  I think many of us have become so defensive, and unteachable when it comes to having our vices and flaws pointed out; but if we want things in our lives to change then we have to change things in out lives! This was key to dicovering the spiritual side of me versus the fight or flight response of survival. Heaven forbid I should change my ideas, beliefs and associations! Talk about friction!

Lastly I have learned that to grow spiritually, understand myself, and be true to who I am, then I must listen to my heart and to follow my truth. Sometimes that requires going against the accepted flow of society, speaking out against the mass published misleading information in our education systems, especially in our re-written histories, our out dated science, and fabricated social studies that do nothing to prepare our kids for the real world or give them an objective view of it.

I know over-all it sounds like I don't like what I found, but it couldn't be closer to the opposite. Knowing the truth has cleared my head, allowed me freedom from the cage I have been expected to stay in, it has help me understand who I really am. This process was painful in the beginning as my perceptions of the world were shattered over and over again; but the power and tools for dealing with this awakening have always come exactly when I needed them.

Now that my eyes are open and my heart and I are one, I understand that life is truly a wonder and that all of us are a part of this wonder together, and when that power is united we will change this world! Now isn't that something to look forward to!    


Goddess Heart weekend

Posted by Goddesses Lair on March 28, 2012 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (4)

There are many things that can not be seen, heard, or understood, they can only be felt by the heart.  They are designed by spirit,  and when this amazing group of women get together, open up in service, and have those moments of clarity and oneness, spirit works miracles through us.

There are lifetimes of wisdom brought together in this sacred space.  The flow of this first weekend is to open your heart, to see the true you, the magnificant power of feminine energy.  In this place of TRUTH, we experience through our many teachers, exercises, and each other, what is real and true and right for each of us, and that is very different for everyone!  Who you are, where you are, are perfect for you. 

What is your gift?  Who are you? What is your purpose?  Nothing is holding you back, except you, and we help each other to get out of our own ways & accomplish glorious things.  YOU hold the key, we see you, you're beautiful, perfect, and powerful beyond measure, and we hold a mirror,,,,,,,,,, are you ready to see?

If so register here

Lets share our experiences and questions here, the universe is already at work to answer them!


Expectation /Agreement / Assumption

Posted by Goddesses Lair on March 19, 2012 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Have we all had relationship challenges when we lacked clarity in these areas?  How many times have your misscommunications, judgments, mixups, feelings of betrayal etc been because you had expectations from someone that weren't met.  Have you ever had someone assume you would do something and be angry when you didn't?  Ahhhhhhhhh glorious learning opportunities!!! LOL

What are your viewpoints, stories & solutions that would help us be able to get clear understandings and agreements in our relationships?   Do you have questions in this area?  Answer on the blog, we're looking forward to hearing from you!  We should be recording this talk on Sat March 24th.

We are Legion!!!

Posted by Deevine on March 9, 2012 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Happy International Women's Day to all you beautiful, strong and loving Goddesses!  We are strong, we are able, we are Legion :D



What it means to be a goddess

Posted by Christine on January 7, 2012 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (3)
For me it to be true to me. I'm a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. To feel strong but willing to let my gaurd down. Open to my true self. To be loved and to love those who are important to me. To give but also be willing to receive. I'm a beautiful, loving and strong goddess. I believe in me and all that I have to offer.

The Pavers

Posted by Lorene on January 4, 2012 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (1)

With all the family around through the Christmas season, a person does a lot thinking.  I had an Aunt I rarely see come over for New Years, and it really made me count my blessings.

As a child & being highly intuitive like most children, no one ever talked about psychic phenomena, or spirituality other than the perspective of religion.  I had a tough time with that, as it made me feel an outcast, doubt my sanity, and for the most part scared the crap out of me because the church veiwpoint I got was that it had to be 'evil'.  So I shut it off, even used drugs & alcohol in an attempt to dull out the input & feel 'normal'.

When my own son started having psychic tendancies I worked on keeping an open mind, but the whole thing still scared me, and lets face it, who talked about these things?  I'd had a few introductions thanks to some family members who were brave enough to be different thank god.  When my son hit about age 12 (same age it hit me hard & I went to drugs) he started hearing voices on an overwhelming scale and our house turned into something off polterguist.  Some of the advice I got was to take him to a psychiatrist.  So rather than see my beautiful, gifted son drugged up & had no choice but to learn,and learn frikin fast.  I read every book, talked to every person I had even an inkling had gone through this kind of thing.  I was amazed how many people have had experiences when I started asking! 

Many years, and massive learning later, my son called me upset.  He had a girlfriend who had lost her father.  He had been hanging out at her place over the holidays & described them as really nice, but kind of messed up family.  They were all kind of lost after his loss, and the mother was in a huge depression.  He started telling me about how he was getting messages from the father.  He was of course excited, and thought that by sharing them with the family they would find peace & joy.  He was horrified that they got all upset, and his girlfriend embarrassed & the mother stormed out of the room crying.  How could they misunderstand such a beautiful opportunity??????  So my son asked me " Mom how could they be so backwards?  Our family isn't like that at all!"  My heart a bit broken for him, & after explaining how some people just didn't have any understanding I simply had to answer,,,,,,, "Hunny, that way was paved for you"

So on New Years, I looked at this amazing woman my Aunty is, and that incident rang in my heart.  She was the 'crazy' Aunt, the one who introduced me to Reiki over 20 yrs ago, the one who started learning & living a holistic lifestyle.  I remember hearing "omg, what the hell is she into now" "what the hell crazy scheme is it this time'  The disdain & the judgements a child hears and can change the course of a life.  I realized the freedom I have now to be different, because she bore the brunt.  I realized how those tiny seeds she planted may have saved MY child, and I realized that she had no idea how much she had changed not just her children, not just me & mine, but how she had created a legacy.  A legacy of truth, of freedom, and the ability for us to go on and develop our abilities without the judgement.  She had paved our way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So now, my beautiful goddess sisters.  WE are paving the way.  If you are feeling judged, or scared or unworthy, just remember.  You may be creating a legacy,,,,,,,,,,

Let your lights shine, there is nothing more powerful or beautiful, Namaste <3


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